News – February 3, 2018

  • The Power of Home

    New Story Builds Shelter and Second Chances When two of New Story’s four co-founders took a mission trip to Haiti in 2013, they were shocked to find how many families were still living in tents after the devastating 2010 earthquake. What was supposed to be a temporary shelter built to last six months had turned […]

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  • Brokers: Leveraging Systems and Technology

    Whether you’re a one-person team or a team of 20, leveraging systems and technology is essential to delivering exceptional customer service and a superb experience. Panelists will share their proven insights on how they’ve increased their business exponentially by implementing various systematic and technological platforms that make for more sales. What: RISMedia’s ACE Webinar Series […]

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  • Find Other Home Office Deductions

    Whether you’re taking desk fees or home-office deductions, you can still claim other office-related expenses, including: stationery, photo copies, and any other consumables needed to run your business.

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