9 seconds to sell your house

That’s all you get.  Nowadays, people’s attention span has shortened exponentially.  We used to talk about it in terms of “channel surfers”: people who watched TV and constantly changed the channel whenever a commercial came on.  We used to assume that people’s attention span was 20 minutes (about one minute for every year of age, up to 20).  Nowadays, it’s NINE SECONDS — about how long it takes to read the average Tweet on Twitter.  Get it?  If they’re not impressed with what they see, they’ll click on to the next thing (read “house”).  So, you need to make sure your REALTOR(r) immediately captures the Buyer’s attention and instantly and effectively communicates the value proposition (“what makes your house so special, for the price”) in UNDER NINE SECONDS.  I use two techniques to achieve this: videos and photo headings.  The photo headings allow the Buyer not only to see the typical picture of the front of the house but also a few key words about the value proposition (e.g. “New Construction”, “5 minutes to Schools”, “18 Acres of Privacy”, “Easy Commute”).  When looking at a list of twenty houses on their screens, Buyers are compelled to click on my listings (with the photo heading that tells them what they want to hear).  The videos absolutely capture the Buyer’s attention and engage the Buyer.  Think about it: would you rather look click through 16 photos of a house or watch a 30 second VIDEO that shows you so much more.  And, I’m talking about a REAL video with a show host (not just an animated photo slide show that has been set to music, and is too slow and boring).  Nine seconds.  That’s all you get.  What about your house would convince someone within 9 seconds to buy it for the price you’re Asking?  Does your marketing and promotion convey that message (in 9 seconds)?