Why hire Ryan?

Ideally, I would like to meet with you in person. But, I appreciate that you’re doing some preliminary research on the Web – so I’ll give you the thirty-second answer (in the hope you’ll allow me to stop over). There are several valuable assets I bring to the table, (including the ability to negotiate the “best” deal for MY client, while leaving everyone feeling like they got a “fair” deal). And, because I’ve been around the block a few times, I guide my clients smoothly through the process with no surprises. I collaborate with a team of similarly stupendous vendors, attorneys, insurance agents, mortgage brokers and bankers. (And, whenever clients already have someone they know, that person is usually impressed with how well I make everything go for our mutual client.)


Most Sellers want to know three things: 1) are you going to sell my house; 2) are you going to sell my house faster; and 3) are you going to sell my house for more money than any other REALTOR®?  The answer to all three questions is “YES”.
  1. Are you going to sell my house?
    Yes. I’ve sold almost every house I’ve ever listed, with only a few rare exceptions.
  2. Are you going to sell my house faster?
    Yes. On average, I sell my houses more than twice as fast as the market average. (Source: Consolidated Multiple Listing Service, 2010)
  3. Are you going to sell my house for more money?
    Yes. On average, I sell my houses for over 10.26% more money–compared to the industry average. (Source: Consolidated Multiple Listing Service)  Now, that’s a bold claim to make, I know.  But, it’s statistically true.  And, I’m happy to show you the data to prove it.  It’s based on a universal, unbiased index (similar to the way mutual funds on the stock market compare their performance to the relative index for their industry).  For the last four years, my averages have been 12.12% more money, 10.47% more money, 7% more money, and 11.45% more money.  Simply put: I consistently sell my houses on average for over 10% more money than the competition.
I would love to show you HOW I do all this.  For now, I’ll say that I have a unique marketing program that is dramatically different than anything any other agent can even hope to offer; and it gets dramatically different results too.  Hiring me is like a “guarantee” that you’ll be able to sell your house (for the most the market will bear), even in a tough market.


Most of my clients are both Sellers and Buyers.  They’ve been equally impressed on both sides of the table, because I bring to the table strategies and systems that work, access to properties not officially “on the market”, and service and technology that provides a notably better experience and end-result.
  1. Strategies and Systems.  Some Buyers want to find their “dream home”; some Buyers want to get a “Great Deal” or even a “Steal”.  I know how to help you do BOTH.  My expertise includes strategies and systems that work. There are almost as many different strategies as there are personalities.  The best one for you will depend on your personality, your preferences and your timeline.  The important thing to know is that I can help you buy the house you’re looking for, and provide valuable insight, assistance and guidance through the process.
  2. Not on MLS.  Another huge benefit in hiring me is that I know many, many properties that could be for sale (even though they’re not officially listed for sale).  People always ask REALTORS®, “How’s the Market?”  Not many REALTORS® follow up their answers by asking, “By the way, when do you think YOU will be ready to sell, just so I can make a mental note?”  Beyond updating my database to keep track of what’s expected to come on the market soon, I also uncover people who would sell “in certain situations”.  Read more about properties NOT on the MLS.
  3. Password to MLS.  Nowadays, there are a ton of websites out there that claim to show every house that’s for sale.  Some sites are better than others.  But, wouldn’t you rather have direct access to the official data on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that REALTORS® use?  I can give you your own password and you’ll have access to the very same information that REALTORS® see, including more details and select information not available on the public internet sites.