Why Sotheby’s?

For 269 years, the Sotheby’s Selling Strategy has been about marketing items to find that one buyer who is willing to pay the most to have it.  And, nobody knows how to do it better!


But, it’s not just the “oohs” and the “ahhs”.  We’re not just leveraging our brand’s rich history and heritage.  We’ve adapted the Sotheby’s Selling Strategy and applied it to the world of real estate. This fundamental philosophy permeates everything we do.

The real value of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand is not that we own the Global Luxury Market for real estate.  (We do.)   But, what makes us different than all the other brokerages you talk to is that our expertise in connecting Buyers and Sellers is without compare.

Whether you’re talking about a painting, an ancient artifact, a piece of a jewelry, sports memorabilia, famous autograph, a $30m waterfront estate or your house … the difference is that we are

  • Experts in understanding and articulating value,
  • Experts in marketing and promoting real estate,
  • Experts in communicating with and connecting with Buyers
  • Experts in negotiating real estate transactions,
  • Experts in getting houses sold.

Our competitors endeavor merely to sell a house. If I accept your listing, it comes with a promise that I will market and promote your property in a way to find that one person on the planet who is willing to pay the most.