Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Good or Bad?

The news reported that Black Friday sales were up 16% over last year.  Does that mean that the economy is getting better?  On the contrary, it might mean the economy is getting worse.  Maybe the reason so many people stood in line for hours or went shopping in the middle of the night (or even curtailed their Thanksgiving family time) is because they’re SO tight on cash that they need to stretch every dollar (and they’re willing to go to extremes to get more for the few bucks they’ll be spending this year.  I’m not an economist (although I would like to play one on TV, if anyone would ever cast me).  But, it seems to me that a lot of economic news is counter-intuitive these days.  Just when you hear something that sounds like it should be good, you realize that it’s actually BAD.  It WILL get better!  (It’s just going to take a little while.)  In the meantime, I think I missed out on BestBuy’s “Door Buster Special Sale” for the 10″ Android Honeycomb tablet with 16G for $250 (regularly about $400).  But, I did enjoy seeing my family who flew in for the week (and I might just buy the new tablet anyway)!