Can you believe what Amy said?

Amy said: “Ryan, I can’t believe what you did today.  It was fabulous!  Thank you SO much.”

Ryan: “You’re welcome.  But, didn’t your last Agent do all of this for you?”

Amy: “No.  As a matter of fact, what you did TODAY is more than my last THREE Agents COMBINED!”


Amazing!  All I did was my job (or what I consider to be a good job, of selling a house).

Actually, this house benefited from a lot of work, so I do appreciate her comment.  Here’s what I did (although it’s not unusual compared to what I do routinely for my listings):

Wednesday – Met with the Photographer at the house, later with the Videographer, and then with my right-hand Stager (to plan best camera angles, lighting, times of day for shooting and action plan for preparing house).

Thursday – Convinced Seller to paint a few rooms; arranged for painter to give estimate and start painting immediately.  Also, wrote video script and production notes for Actress and Videographer.

Friday – Returned with a total of three people to stage house.  Worked all day.

Saturday – Recorded video of house with Actress; got amazing photographs of house.  Again, worked all day.

Client sent me an email at the end of the day:

“Just a quick note to thank you for what Amy and I felt was a phenomenal effort in the process of trying to sell our house. Please extend our thanks to Chris, Jim, Suzanne, and Anita. It was a long day, and their upbeat, let’s-make-it-perfect attitude was as impressive as it was professional.  Stan & Amy”