How come Sellers don’t demand showing feedback?

I showed 10 properties on Saturday, and only TWO (2) listing agents asked me for feedback.  That is CRAZY to me.  It’s certainly not the experience I have with MY Seller clients.  They HOUND me for feedback.  (Rightly so!)  I just don’t understand how other Sellers can be so complacent to not EXPECT feedback from a showing.  They spend time cleaning their houses, the leave for an hour or two, and then they never hear anything.  And, half the time, showing agents don’t leave business cards or don’t sign in — so the homeowner has no idea if the agent even showed up.  In my opinion, I think a homeowner deserves the courtesy of feedback on every showing.  I just don’t understand why so few other agents ever ask ME for feedback when I show their listings.  I’m happy to share it.