I’ve got Ice Cream Sandwich!

I dropped my old phone (which used to be the coolest thing on the block, for about six months (about a 12 months ago), the HTC Incredible)).  This was literally the 30th time I dropped it, so I was actually surprised when the screen shattered.  I was beginning to think it was the “Invincible” (instead of the “Incredible”).  I guess I revealed that belief, in how careless I had become.

Actually, I wasn’t too sad.  It gave me a perfect reason to buy a new phone, the new coolest thing on the block.  (Really, I could have just replaced the glass on my old phone for about $30.  Don’t tell my wife!)

Instead, I got the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the only phone out there (from Verizon) with Google’s newest Android operating system (called “Ice Cream Sandwich”).  It’s definitely cool.  Of course, it has fast 4G cellular capability.  But, what I really appreciate is that it has the largest screen size out there (at 4.65 inches).  That makes a HUGE difference (pun intended).

Worth the money?  I don’t know.  Joy to have?  For sure.