My phone has been “beeping off the hook”

Kind of like “ringing off the hook”.  But, it’s not phone calls.  I had a Press Release published on and  For the last two days, my phone has been beeping like crazy.

Everytime someone visits one of my websites, my phone beeps to let me know.  Then I can monitor their experience.  I can see which pages they’re viewing, how long they spend on each page, etc.  It tells me what City and State they’re from.  It doesn’t tell me their name or email address (although that would be great information to have).

But, it has been amazing to see how much traffic I was able to get for one of my listings, just by issuing this one Press Release.  (I must admit that it WAS actually a lot of hard and creative work to get the property featured on the NBC TV program “OpenHouseNYC” in the first place.  That’s what the Press Release was announcing.)

What’s more amazing than the NUMBER of people now checking out the property is the huge geographical spread.  Someone from Oranjestad, ARUBA; Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA; Pincourt, QUEBEC; Edison, Pearl River and Metuchen, NEW JERSEY; Niantic, Milford, Shelton, Meriden, Monroe and Wolcott, CONNECTICUT; Nanuet, Clintondale, Hicksville, Yonkers, Bronx, Mount Sinai, Spring Valley, Valley Stream, East Rockaway, Congers, Highland, Randolf, Brooklyn, and, of course, New York, NEW YORK; East Palatka, FLORIDA; and of course local towns like New Canaan, Wilton, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Redding, Stamford and Easton, CONNECTICUT.

Now, some of that traffic is the normal trafic I’m able to generate for my listings (that I get nearly every day); and there’s no way to separate out the traffic from the Press Release and the “normal” traffic.  But, I suspect that the more international traffic is the “normal” traffic (if I compare it to my stats from before the Press Release).

What still amazes (even) me is listing out all of those towns!  That’s a TON of traffic.  Did I mention that this is just over the last 48 hours?

It becomes even more amazing to (even) me, when I consider the LIMITATIONS of my tracking technology.  All of this represents only a small fraction of the TOTAL traffic.  Unfortunately, it is not technically possible (as of this writing) to track every visit.  For instance, this represents only ONE of two dedicated sites for this property.  And (as of this writing) it can only track Windows users; not i-Pads, not Macs, and not Mobile (phone) users (unfortunately).  But, that’s also GOOD news in a way, because it means there is a LOT MORE traffic out there — given how many people are using Macs and Mobine Phones (i-Phone, Droid, Blackberry) these days.  (And, I’m working with the developer to be able to track those users too!)  Plus, it’s good news because this tracking is separate from the tracking I do for the listing appearances on places like Zillow, Trulia,,,,, etc.

I could go on about this all day.  I’m so excited, for what value this brings my clients.

Not only was this “passive” traffic.  I am able to engage in LIVE CHATS with the (Windows) users.  About 10 seconds after the user arrives, the website displays a pop-up chat (from me) telling them that I’m “Available” and asking if they have any questions.  Anything they type comes to my cell phone, as a Text Message (24 hours a day).  Wherever I am, I can “chat” with them from my CELL PHONE using instant Text Messages.

One person typed “Just saw the article in the Patch and stopped by to see the listing.”  Another wrote: “just saw this on this house is amazing!”.  I can even chat back and forth to schedule a showing time.

I “could” go on about this all day.  But, as much as I love it, I need to call back an agent with a counter-offer.  First things first, right?!