Plants and shrubs are like children

They’re beautiful and wonderful when they’re young.  But, they grow bigger.  Eventually, you have to kick the kids out of the house.  They can’t live with you FOREVER.  Plants are the same way: eventually you have to move them outside (or trim them).  They grow too big for the space or for the room (and clutter the house).  Outside shrubs too: they grow too big and must be removed or relocated.  Ever see a house with overgrown shrubs planted just in front?  They’ve been allowed to grow so big that they’re covering up the windows; and some even reach the second story?  When trying to sell your house, be sure to remove them or cut them way down to size.   Otherwise, the house looks old, tired and not well-maintained.  Just think: a brand-new house doesn’t have overgrown shrubs.  Right?