This is good BUT isn’t this how we got into trouble in the first place?!

It’s always good to hear positive predictions for the housing market.  But, isn’t this how we got into trouble in the first place?  According to a report on the news wire, Banks are expected to loosen their lending standards.  They’re going to lend Buyers up to 3.5 times borrower earnings (versus only 3.2 times borrower earnings during the crisis).

Is this really the right solution?  Should we give Buyers MORE money to buy MORES houses they cannot afford?  Or, should we find another way to stabilize (and improve) the economy (and therefore the housing market).  Wouldn’t it just be simpler and better to reduce the unemployment rate?  Are lending standards the problem?  No.

People who CAN afford houses ARE able to get loans.  People who CANNOT qualify for loans cannot get them.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  There is no problem getting a loan to buy a house, if you’re qualified.  It’s the people who weren’t supposed to be buying such big houses (with neg am loans) that can no longer “qualify”.

Here’s a link to the article.